When both your parents are musicians, you might end up doing something else with your life, but by his eleventh birthday, Jefferson Thomas had already surrendered, sitting in on bass for the old man's gigs. Within a year the kid had switched to guitar and was writing his own songs and playing clubs, fairs, and festivals all over the northeastern US.

Next came a move to Atlanta, where he broadened his musical palette playing on country and R&B recording sessions, as well as a brief stint as touring guitarist for a reunion tour by seminal R&B legends, The Impressions.  That same year, a chance encounter with Ray Charles in Las Vegas was an epiphany.  “I got to see Ray rehearse, and it taught me everything I needed to know about how to prepare musicians, as well as how to treat people and how to conduct yourself.”

Glory Bound, the first single from 2008’s Western Front garnered airplay on over 400 Adult Album Alternative and Adult Contemporary radio stations across the US, and was the most-added song at secondary-market AC stations its first week out, and rose to the top twenty in only its fifth week.  Still another single, Thursday’s Girl, appeared in the Matthew Broderick/Brittany Snow film Finding Amanda.
Now further exposed to a new national audience, Jefferson spent the next two years touring to support Western Front before taking 2011 off to produce several New York City-based artists.   His live video of "Jacksonville" from an NPR show in New York City went viral and introduced him to audiences worldwide. Coincidentally, the Finding Amanda film found a second life at cable outlets and international distribution, broadening Jefferson’s audience even further.  As a result, Jefferson did his first European tours in the spring and fall of 2013, taking him to the UK, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, and Denmark.

Jefferson spent 2014 back home in the US, touring domestically and recording The Yale Sessions, a solo acoustic record set for release in the fall.  And he won't be slowing down anytime soon; 2015 will again feature US and European tours, as well as yet another release.  Stay tuned!


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