I’m very pleased to announce that the new Jefferson Thomas album has a home.  It will be released on a label out of Los Angeles (whom we'll name soon, once all the ink dries).  I have signed a worldwide publishing administration/licensing/marketing/label services agreement with them.

They’ll be handling all the distribution and marketing through Sony and The Orchard, as well as film and TV licensing, publishing administration and royalty collection.  I’ll still retain creative control, handling all the recording and production, retaining ownership of the masters and an 80% stake in publishing and licensing across the board. There simply was no deal offered by anyone else that came even close to that.

In the meantime - because things are never dull or boring in JT-land - literally three days after signing this deal I was confronted with a medical situation that, at the very least, is going to require surgery.  So, rather than rush out a record that can't be promoted properly, we're going to tackle this problem, then release the record and get to work!   Rather than the March release I had hoped for (and teased), realistically, we're looking at late-summer.

In the meantime, a couple of the new songs found their way into the setlist during the last European live dates, and we got some video of that that we're working on, so at least we can have something new for you to check out.  Hang in there with me, folks!