Almost there!

So then you waste several days deciding a track that was "finished" (and already mastered) a long time ago needs to have the acoustic guitar in the beginning replaced with the warmth of the '51 Gibson so you cut that and set the track up for re-mixing and hear it back all day and you decide the '51 sounds "too good" (?) and you say, "Aw just leave the original, it's fine, and bring up the viola section a little and fuck it" and you realize people are going to listen to it while, like, totally sharing a pair of earbuds with their BFF in a screeching subway car anyway and it's Tuesday and you're wearing the same clothes you had on while watching the Super Bowl and you smell like a fucking petting zoo and your life has become a series of sleep-deprived megalomaniacal, narcissistic run-on sentences and that's when you realize your new record is pretty close to being done.