Escape from New York...

I’ve spent 2019 so far sequestered in the warm and cozy confines of the recording studio, cooking up all kinds of new things for you.  But last Saturday night I came out of hiding to do a private show and test-drive some of the new things we’ve been recording. 

Anyone who lives in NYC knows the trick to living here is getting the hell OUT of here once in a while.  So we did this at the original "Darryl's House" (where Darryl Hall filmed the first two seasons of "Darryl's House" before building the current location nearby).  It’s a fantastic place, but not really the kind of venue that has its own website, so the closest thing I could find was this:


Almost as nice as the venue was the two-hour drive north of the city.  The owners at Fraser Ridge first brought me there to play last summer, and they're such warm, hospitable hosts. It was great to go back and knock around some new music to an appreciate bunch of folks (fortunately we were INDOORS this time, since it was a cold and snowy February night.) 

We’ll probably do something like this again, and if we do it before the new album is out, we’ll record it live and make these “test drive” versions of the new songs available only to you special people, the subscribers.