OK, you spoke and we listened!  First it was iTunes, then it was Spotify.  Now the wave of the future seems to be ever-more direct artist-to-fan contact.  We’ve noticed that, particularly on the Jefferson Thomas “music” page, where business is booming.  And we think that’s a good thing!  So we’ll be offering more exclusive stuff (I just can’t bring myself to use the word content”) that only our subscribers can get.  Doing that seems to make you guys feel special, which is good…because you are special! 

Where is all of this going?  Look for the new JEFFERSON THOMAS APP which we’ll be rolling out in 2019.  Getting your Jefferson Thomas fix will be even easier!  It will also help us get to you more quickly and efficiently.  So often many of you ask, “How do I get you to play in my town?”  Traditionally, that’s been a several-step process that, by the time we select, book, and play a venue, it can be weeks or months after your inquiry.  With the app, we’ll be able to interface directly with you and engage YOU in the booking process more quickly and efficiently.  It’s the commando approach; if we see a hot market, we’ll line up a show there pronto, while it's breaking!  Fans involved in booking the gigs for the artists they wanna see? I call that a pretty exciting future.