My first-ever time in Denmark. Some observations...

1.) Danes are incredibly cool people, and really nice.
2.) Danish women have the most exquisite cheek bones in the world.
3.) If you tell self-deprecating jokes from the stage to an audience that doesn't speak English, you are nowhere near as clever and irresistible as you think you are.
4.) Copenhagen is a beautiful, timelesss city, but when we rolled into town, we saw 711's and Domino's Pizza franchises clustered amongst the regal, centuries-old architecture. Jesus. America. No wonder everyone hates our guts.
5.) Goddamn, this is an expensive city. And this, coming from someone stupid enough to live in New York.
6.) I just finished the night in a club in Copenhagen listening to two fellows from Belgium cranking out American blues. Their next stop is Oslo. My layover tomorrow is in Oslo.
7.) I don't always drink beer, but when I do...