News and more news!


It’s finally here!  The new one! Well. technically, it won’t be released until early 2020, but here's a fancy video promo. You can get it here.

It’s admittedly about six months behind schedule, as I got a little sidetracked earlier this year producing a couple of other albums by RAY GREICHE and JONES, but better late than never! 


We’re doing another round of videos for SIXTEEN SUNDAYS just like we did for 2017’s PLAY HURT album, although my timing is a bit off there, too.  I did about two dozen shows at or near beaches this summer, yet we just now did a video shoot on the beach…yesterday.  November 26th.   Froze my ass off.  I can’t get anything right!  While we’re cooking up the full-length videos for the new album, you can lick the spoon for a taste of them HERE



And now it’s time to get out of the studio and take these tunes for a test drive (i.e. see if I can actually play them!) before all the touring madness begins next year.  So, every Wednesday in December (except that last one, the 25th – seems most folks are busy then), I’ll be chillin’ wit da homies at our great little local musical watering hole, LIC BAR in…well, um…LIC (just one train stop and 90 seconds from Grand Central). 

I’ll do the first one solo, then we’ll torque this beeyotch up with Pete O’Neill on bass and Jon Wert on drums for the other dates. 

After this you’ll have to wait until the spring for more hometown live dates.  So I suppose we can consider this a little holiday hang.  ‘Cause, um…it’ll be the holidays.  And, um…we’ll be hanging.  I’ll bring the egg nog.  We’d love to see you!