The wonderful ghost of Mom...

Wow.  She's been gone almost ten months now.  About to celebrate my first ever birthday without her calling me at 1:16am (the time I popped out of the oven) to sing Happy Birthday over the phone, wherever I was (she even got the time change right on those European runs). Thanks for the PUNCH TO THE GUT, Book of Face. But this was nice. If you did not have the privilege of ever meeting my mom, this is a pretty succinct summary of what you missed....


9 Years Ago 

Jefferson Thomas 

November 2, 2009 · 

"Making just one person happy fills your gut with such a good feeling, like I feel when I as a singer too "get" to someone with a particular song on a gig.  I wake up the next morning with a wonderful feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Music is such passion - and one of the most important things in life is PASSION - never sacrifice it." - my Mom, in an email this morning.  Mom RULES!