Tracks are POPPIN'!

Today's jaunt to tonight's gig in Rhode Island is, thankfully, a charter bus affair. Let somebody else drive for a change, while the band has bloody marys and breakfast burritos. 

It also allows me an opportunity to do some…

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Vintage gear is the best!

I’ve got Fender amps from the 70s, Ampeg amps from the 60’s, tape machines from the 50’s, and instruments from the 40’s and 30’s in here. 

So today’s purchase was a “vintage” Zoom 505 from…1996?  These were nifty little…

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"What do you want, a medal?" YES!

I played a three-hour gig in New Jersey Wednesday night, then drove ten hours to play a three-hour gig Thursday night in Charlotte NC, spent Friday afternoon with my wife, played a three-hour gig in Columbia SC Friday night, then…

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The official video for FADE is here!

OK, I guess I was wrong when I said “The Switch” would be the last video from the Sixteen Sundays album.  A lot of people tell me they think “Fade” is one of my best if not THE best song…

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Video shoot in Copenhagen today!

Video shoot today in my favorite European city, for the "Fade" video, coming your way in June! Then we finish out this European run with tomorrow's show on the "Geyser By The Sea" concert series, then we head…

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Three great shows in Germany; now on to Denmark!

The shows in Germany were fantastic. It started with the sound guy at the first show casually telling me after soundcheck that a German TV station would be doing a simulcast of the show. 

Of course, this sort of…

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