Nature invades the show. And the show STOPS for nature.

Sunday was a gorgeous day - great weather, great audience, great everything.  I was closing out a four-day run, looking forward to a day off.  Suddenly, in the middle of a song, in the quiet breakdown part, I could hear this racket from somewhere up above.  It was this bird who had perched about a hundred feet up in a tree, and he was just chirping his little ASS off.  I finished out the song and told the audience, "You hear that?  I don't speak 'bird', but this little guy definitely has something to say.  Let's take a minute. Forget your smartphones and all that technology crap.  Let''s all just unplug for a second and take this in.  You hear that?  There ain't no 'app' for that."  We all sat for about ten seconds and just listened. And they applauded.  Not for me, for the bird.  Then I jumped back in to the next tune. I wish I had snapped a photo, but...well, that wouldn't really be "unplugging" now, would it?

Outdoor shows.  Yeah.