OK, you spoke and we listened!  First it was iTunes, then it was Spotify.  Now the wave of the future seems to be ever-more direct artist-to-fan contact.  We’ve noticed that, particularly on the Jefferson Thomas “music” page, where business is booming.  And we think that’s a good thing!  So we’ll be offering more exclusive stuff (I just can’t bring myself to use the word content”) that only our subscribers can get.  Doing that seems to make you guys feel special, which is good…because you are special! 

Case in point; in the spring I’ll be doing an exclusive live-recording direct-to-vinyl release that will NOT be available everywhere you get your music.  It will only be available via pre-order through the label that’s putting it out…and through 

Where is all of this going?  Look for the new JEFFERSON THOMAS APP which we’ll be rolling out in 2019.  Getting your Jefferson Thomas fix will be even easier!  It will also help us get to you more quickly and efficiently.  So often many of you ask, “How do I get you to play in my town?”  Traditionally, that’s been a several-step process that, by the time we select, book, and play a venue, it can be weeks or months after your inquiry.  With the app, we’ll be able to interface directly with you and engage YOU in the booking process more quickly and efficiently.  It’s the commando approach; if we see a hot market, we’ll line up a show there pronto, while it's breaking!  Fans involved in booking the gigs for the artists they wanna see? I call that a pretty exciting future. 


Once upon a December 3rd... 

Several December thirds ago we lost a road buddy, roomate, and the most brilliant, diabollically twisted, and tragically troubled musician I ever knew. We'd had a falling out and didn't speak for a long time, but then buried the hatchet at a friend's wedding in Atlanta and drank and talked and laughed all night at the rehearsal dinner until we were the last two in the place and they threw us out. But smiles and laughter sometimes hide dark things. Four months later he was gone. 

A few days after he left us I awoke suddenly around 2am to a distinct presence in my darkened bedroom. It was not malevolent or frightening, it was warm and funny. I turned on the light but there was no one there. I sat up in bed and said, out loud, "Dude - did you just HAUNT me? Seriously, you just fucking HAUNTED me. Cut it out!" I immediately got out of bed, fired everything up and wrote and recorded this. By dawn it had taken shape. 

We tried to record it "for real" a few weeks later, but part of the magic of music is that some things you just can't re-create on demand. Conceiving that song was so in-the moment that I decided to use the original guitar, mandolin, and vocal tracks from that night's freaky possessed demo session and we just dubbed bass and drums over it later. Sometimes life is your "producer."



I live in a predominantly Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian and South American 'hood with 167 different languages spoken and a virtual Epcot Center of cuisine within an eight-block radius. It's so awesome here that I haven't bought groceries for my fridge in years. Someone just opened an Italian restaurant here. As an Italian, I find that prospect both slightly intriguing and positively terrifying.

No one will ever buy something that you're not selling... 

"Nobody buys music anymore." I have seen this statement on social media several times in the past week, and it is patently false. Of course streaming has greatly overtaken downloads and music sales in general, but to misinterpret this as no one buying recorded music anymore is absurd.

The saddest part is that it is musicians who are saying this. People do buy my music. No, not by the millions, but they do buy it. If people aren't buying your music, maybe it hasn't occurred to you that at some point you stopped selling it to them.

It's a vintage Gibson thing... 

Home on a rainy Friday night for some writing and pre-production.  When you're in the throes of new tunes, you never know what weapons you're gonna grab from the arsenal.  Tonight's luck-of the-draw turned out to be a vintage Gibson trio (1939 L-7, 1951 Southern Jumbo, and 1992 ES-135, left to right). Hey, three-of-a-kind. Shouldn't I win something?

The wonderful ghost of Mom... 

Wow.  She's been gone almost ten months now.  About to celebrate my first ever birthday without her calling me at 1:16am (the time I popped out of the oven) to sing Happy Birthday over the phone, wherever I was (she even got the time change right on those European runs). Thanks for the PUNCH TO THE GUT, Book of Face. But this was nice. If you did not have the privilege of ever meeting my mom, this is a pretty succinct summary of what you missed....


9 Years Ago 

Jefferson Thomas 

November 2, 2009 · 

"Making just one person happy fills your gut with such a good feeling, like I feel when I as a singer too "get" to someone with a particular song on a gig.  I wake up the next morning with a wonderful feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Music is such passion - and one of the most important things in life is PASSION - never sacrifice it." - my Mom, in an email this morning.  Mom RULES!

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