Hey, we'll take it any way we can get it... 

You just never know where music licensing is going to take you. I just received an email from someone who says they love “Jacksonville”.  It seems they came across the song (the original studio verson) in an online virtual-reality fishing game.  OK, that's kind of a strange usage for that song, but we'll certainly take the money.

Pre-dawn cheese steak detour... 

When you had a gig Friday night in Charlotte and then drove all day Saturday to your gig in DC and now you're driving four hours to New York City and you suddenly realize that you gained an hour overnight with the change of the clocks, so it's only a three-hour drive now, so you "swing by" the south end of Philadelphia for a pre-dawn cheesesteak. Because you've got an extra hour, right?

Tracks are POPPIN'! 

Today's jaunt to tonight's gig in Rhode Island is, thankfully, a charter bus affair. Let somebody else drive for a change, while the band has bloody marys and breakfast burritos. 

It also allows me an opportunity to do some laptop post-production on the John Popper harmonica guest appearance you'll be hearing soon. John NAILED it!

Vintage gear is the best!  

I’ve got Fender amps from the 70s, Ampeg amps from the 60’s, tape machines from the 50’s, and instruments from the 40’s and 30’s in here. 

So today’s purchase was a “vintage” Zoom 505 from…1996?  These were nifty little portable guitar effects units for commando gigs, but their secret was some of the effects that could be used in the studio.  In fact, never mind guitar sounds - there was one particular auto-wah setting I was able to get on VOCALS in the studio that I’ve never been able to duplicate with any unit, at any price.  So when the first one crapped out, I found another one, which has now crapped out. 

I need that sound again, so I plunked down a whopping $42 to have a THIRD used 505 shipped today from somewhere in Florida.  Hey, we’ve got an album to finish here - money is no object!  No price is too high for great production! 

OK, maybe $43 would have been too high.

"What do you want, a medal?" YES! 

I played a three-hour gig in New Jersey Wednesday night, then drove ten hours to play a three-hour gig Thursday night in Charlotte NC, spent Friday afternoon with my wife, played a three-hour gig in Columbia SC Friday night, then drove eleven hours back up to play another three-hour gig in New Jersey tonight. Closing out this "five-day weekend" with a four-hour gig in the Hamptons today.  I'm never doing this again. 

Wait, I'm doing it again in August. 


If you ask me "what do you want, a medal?" Yes. I want a fucking medal!

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