You know what I could really use right now, in these days of anxiety and uncertainty? 

A sandwich.  Opening up a paper bag, then working my way through the carefully wrapped waxed paper to find the sandwich my mom would make when I was in grade school. Just something between two pieces of bread, which should have been so simple, but it was a work of art when she made it. She would slice it in half diagonally, which made it seem even more magical. No matter how bewildering things might have gotten, opening up that bag made it all seem manageable. 

Mom’s been gone for two years. And I’m not the least bit hungry, but I could sure use that sandwich right now.

A special QUARANTINE edition of LIVE FROM THE VAN! 

A special QUARANTINE edition of our new monthly video series for 2020! We pull off the road, fire up a couple of cameras, grab a guitar, and crank out an old classic cover tune! In this episode...when the going gets tough, the tough get going. But the wussy musicians run inside and hide!

The Shroud Of Tourin'... 

Spring European tour update...

As of now we've lost all of the UK dates as well as those in the Netherlands and Belgium.  Obviously this is a fluid situation that is changing almost hourly, so we're not going to inundate you with needless minute-by-minute missives about what is or isn't happening.    And much, much more is at stake for a lot of people all over the world than whether or not I play songs and say stupid things into microphones in several different time zones. Which, come to think of it, is a rather strange way to make a living.

We'll do our best to reschedule things either in the fall or maybe even next spring.  In the meantime, be well, be vigilant, and remember; this virus is to be taken seriously.  It is your true enemy, not the ridiculously overblown media-fueled frenzy and panic.

Happy Birthday, Dad! 

Yeah yeah yeah, we'll get to all that other stuff, like what I've been up to lately, blah blah blah. Today we take time out for my dad's birthday! 

This is the last recording of my dad, captured by my brother in a high-end boutique guitar store somewhere in New Mexico. 

The only thing he enjoyed as much as a good night playing was prowling music stores by day, trying out instruments and sharing old songs and stories with the staff and local players.  He was a curator of great old, lost songs; the more obscure, the more he enjoyed bringing them to life again. 

My earliest memories are of tagging along on these excursions, prowling music stores for great old instruments.  I eventually inherited his penchant for breezing right past all the sexy new stuff and heading straight for the “island of misfit toys” - the area in the back with every used and abused, sorry-looking old clunker in town. 

I also never got tired of seeing all the headbangers, shredding away on their raging death-metal, stop what they were doing and come over to see the old man laying down some great old stuff. 

He would leave us not very long after this, and he had clearly lost a step on guitar at this point, but his voice had aged and deepened, like a fine wine.  We’re fortunate that my brother suddenly decided to bust out his phone and capture this. The video didn’t come out, but I’m glad; for me, this is like an old-time radio show. 

It ends with him saying "I'll jump right in with your band anytime," and the guy in the store says "Anytime!  It's too bad you're leaving so soon."  Touche...


Behold, the power of BALLS... 

"You're in the music business? How do you survive?" 

JT: "You have to make friends with bullshit and learn to wield it like a sword." 

"Wow.  I’m not sure I could live like that." 

JT: "That's not all.  You must also have balls so great that their power alone can vanquish your opponent."

"Live From The Van!" The saga continues... 

This is gonna be fun!  We pull off the road, fire up a couple of cameras, grab a guitar, and crank out an old classic cover tune!  Click below for this episode, Marc Cohn's “Walking In Memphis."


We’re shooting scenes this week at several locations around NYC for the first video from the new album. Today we’ll be bringing along vintage Gibson guitars from the 1930s and 1950s that never leave the studio. But as a security precaution, we’re not telling you where and when, because these are priceless. And don’t mess with us...we’re heavily armed!


There is only one instrument portable and compact enough for jamming on a charter bus full of jaded and annoyed band members just outside Boston - the commando-lin!

New video series - "LIVE FROM THE VAN" 

This is gonna be fun!  We pull off the road, fire up a couple of cameras, grab a guitar, and crank out an old classic cover tune! Click below for this episode, Dire Straits’ “Sultans Of Swing.”



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