CD players in cars? That was centuries ago! 

A throwback from the COME ALIVE album/tour. I dropped by WCQL to hang out with morning drive host Shawn Kelly. Featuring "Mary's Night Out." Shawn implores you to throw out whatever CD you have in your player and pop this in. Wow - remember WAY BACK when cars had CD players in them?


Don't play that game... 

Activism is a good thing. In all this downtime we've had foisted upon us, I have become more politically active than any time in my life; donating my time and money to several key races in certain states and even joining a presidential campaign as a volunteer. I am finding that I've put at least as much if not more time and effort into this as music. 

Today I received a very disturbing email from someone in media, to whose mailing list I had subscribed some time ago. It seems he has amassed a list of 100 companies in the music industry who engaged in certain activities (that align with his personal beliefs) and they chose to make him privy to those activities, although that is frankly none of his business. 

He then singled out one company that simply chose not to respond to his inquiry, apparently interpreting their silence as not engaging in those activities, and he then unabashedly sought to publicly shame them. They are, by virtue of simply having chosen to say nothing, presumed guilty of...I don't know...something, I guess. 

Aside from the fact that simply not disclosing your activities doesn't mean you don't engage in them, no one owes this self-important jerk any explanations about how they choose to run their company. I hastily unsubscribed, and will never do business or have any relations with someone who would resort to such "cancel culture" garbage, or what can only be described as slander, blackmail or economic terrorism. 

This type of behavior is on the rise. Reject it.

Carlito's Way! 

Looks like this fellow’s been with us since the last album (that’s the idea!), and thinks this new album is even better.  So do I!


Gratuitous selfie! 

That confused expression you make when the rest of the world is packing on weight under “lockdown”, and you notice that you've somehow managed to actually LOSE a few pounds and make headway toward a “beach body” when nobody’s gonna be at the beach anyway, and you realize you apparently couldn't even get THIS right.


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